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Covenant Counselors

 - Helping Children, Rebuilding Families

Covenant Counselors is focused on providing high-quality counseling and personal services during the toughest of times and when you most need a friend and ally.  We advocate on behalf of all children "caught in the middle" to ensure their genuine best interests are being served.  We'll help you rebuild your life and, most importantly, allow you to be there for your kids.  We can assist in the following ways:

Counseling   -  helping you - with experience and empathy - to solve life's problems and rebuild your family
Family Mediation   - assisting the parties in amicable discussion and resolution of family issues in dispute
Divorce Planning  -  helping you learn your rights and responsibilities while preparing for a divorce
Divorce Consulting   -  rendering competent advice during divorce and post-divorce strategies and tactics
Custody Coaching   -  assisting you in the do's and don'ts of the complicated, often un-friendly Family Courts
Case Management   -  working with your attorney in the intricacies of Family Law and the Mental Health maze
Supervised Visitation   - safe monitoring for your stipulated or court-ordered supervised parenting time
Child Investigations   -  conducting evaluations as certified Child and Family Investigator per C.R.S. 14-10-116.5
Parenting Coordination   - assisting in resolution of disputes between divorced parents per C.R.S. 14-10-128.1
P.C. / Decision-Maker   - making binding determinations to implement/clarify orders per C.R.S. 14-10-128.3
Parenting Instruction   - providing formal education as Certified Parenting Instructors in multiple curricula
Marital Asset Division  -  helping the divorcing couple liquidate the marital home, to relocate, and divide assets

We help divorce professionals and their clients through every stage of the process.  Allow us to be your voice of experience and to provide you with the greatest chance of happiness and of achieving your goals.

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